About the seminar


The History of Philosophy Research Seminar is, from its foundation in the 90’s, aimed at advancing high-class history of philosophy research in Finland and at constituting the meeting point of (national and international) scholars working on any topic within this field of inquiry. (See the ‘previous events’ section of the page for the full list of speakers and topics.) The Seminar operates on a voluntary basis and offers the perfect setting for informal discussions on both work-in-progress and fully developed papers. From 2008 to 2013 was supported by the Centre of Excellence in Research of Academy of Finland, titled Philosophical Psychology, Morality and Politics Research Unit, and is now part of the official program of the Department of Philosophy, History, Arts and Culture Studies of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Helsinki. 

The seminar is open for researchers and students interested in the area, but does not give students credits. When possible, the papers are distributed through HPRS mailing list and the participants expected to read the papers in advance. If you wish to present or join the mailing list, please contact jose.pereiradasilva at helsinki.fi

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